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No More Exclusions is part of a wider abolitionist coalition. On this page you can find information on the work and campaigns we are involved in and/or support.

Child Q Statement NME




Child Q’s experience shows we need to get police out of schools

Black Londoners three times more likely to be strip searched



#ClimateReparationsBloc Now

— No More Exclusions #Free 🇵🇸 (@NExclusions) November 6, 2021


Kill the Bill Protest

Knife Crime Prevention Orders will be yet another tool for the racist police state


NME, 4FRONT & others join the Kill The Bill Coalition!!!

Knife Crime Prevention orders: What do experts and campaigners think?


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No Police in Schools

Secure Schools


Locking up children in the name of ‘charity’ is yet another reason why we must Kill the Bill

What is the Police and Crime Bill, why does it matter, and why are people so angry?

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