10 point Manifesto/programme/platform

NME is a Black-led, Black Feminist, Abolitionist, grassroots coalition movement

1. We want the abolition of all forms of exclusion in all schools. The abolition of ‘Pupil Referral Units’ ‘Alternative Provision’, ‘special schools’, ‘secure schools’ and all forms of segregated education.

2. We oppose Patriarchy, Capitalism, white supremacy, Transphobia, Homophobia, Afriphobia, Ableism, Islamophobia and all other forms of oppression.

3. We believe in a shared collective vision for education.

4. We are building strong community leaders who are accountable to elders and youth over any political party.

5. We recognise the Anti-Black foundations of “Great” Britain and its education system.

6. We are internationalists and a Black Feminist coalition building in solidarity across our struggles and our differences. Our anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist struggle is rooted in Intersectionality, anti-oppression, internationalism and liberation theory and praxis.

7. We are radical activists, organisers, students, teachers, informal educators, scholars who are fighting for structural change in education.

8. We recognise that through our personal and collective knowledge we build a critical consciousness which helps to realise our capacity to change circumstances for ourselves.

9. We want true education of our diverse African, Asian and colonial and pre-colonial histories.

10. Our work is rooted in healing from violence and harm using transformative justice principles.