Why NME?

No More Exclusions (NME) is an abolitionist grassroots coalition movement, with a focus on racial justice in education.  We don’t work to reduce exclusions – our goal is to bring school exclusions to an end. We work to democratise knowledge and raise critical consciousness in education.  We campaign at local and national level on policy and law change.  We enable young people to lead their own campaigns, to be heard and to steer the direction of the work both within NME and outside of it.  We  signpost sources of advice and advocacy for those affected. We work in close partnerships with many sister organisations, groups, activists and campaigners including community, third sector, parent and youth groups.  We are working with others in the coalition on developing anti-racist initial teacher training and curriculum principles.

What binds us is our shared vision for education and an unapologetic commitment to racial justice, the abolition of school exclusions and free quality inclusive education for all.

NME has a racial justice focus.  We are working to prevent the escalating number of school exclusions across the country, especially the scandal of the historically disproportionally-high rate of excluded Black Caribbean and Mixed: White/Black Caribbean children (The Centre for Research in Race and Education 2018).

Evidence shows that there is a strong link between exclusions, mental health, youth offending and poor life chances.  61% of excluded children will go  to prison and the numbers are rising.

We aim to affect long-term structural change and expose the root causes:

NME’s efforts are focused on addressing institutional racism,  whiteness in education, negative stereotyping and low teachers’ expectations as well as the wider structures, policies, processes, practices and cultures that create the context within which school exclusions exist.


Who We Are

NME was set up in October 2018 by a number of concerned individuals and organisations with lived and professional experience of school exclusions.

We have a decentralised, flat structure and centre the lived experience and voices of the excluded and marginalised children and young people.

How can you get involved?

NME is a growing grassroots coalition movement with committed and experienced change initiators in education.  Collectively we work at all levels in education to affect change.

To be part of our national collective of volunteer organisers and supporters, please get in touch.  The quickest way is to reach us via social media on Twitter @NExclusions.

NME’s Work

No More Exclusions is organised around the following 5 core strands:
  1. Law and Policy Change
  2. Youth Development and Youth Voice
  3. Parental Advocacy and Partnerships
  4. Teacher Education
  5. Curriculum