No More Exclusions is a new UK radical grassroots coalition movement. Our mission is to bring about an end to the persistent race-disparities in school exclusions in the next five years and to affect change at legal, policy, practice and cultural level in education and society as a whole over the next ten years. We want an education system that works for all!

No More Exclusions consists of grassroots community activists, organizations and individuals united to take radical and structural actions that will create a new inclusive model of education based on our shared values of inclusion, social justice, race equality and quality education for all children.


No More Exclusions currently includes: teachers, teaching assistants, trade unionists, social workers, lawyers, youth workers, faith leaders, local councilors, journalists, academics, education researchers, SEND specialists, mental health practitioners, parent advocates, parents, and young people.


No More Exclusions has a ‘bottom-up’ approach, privileging the voices of children and young adults who have experienced school exclusion in their young lives.


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